Take control of your pregnancy symptoms.
Start feeling like yourself again.
Have the empowered pregnancy you've dreamed of.

Navigating your pregnancy symptoms can feel overwhelming.

Not only have you received very little symptom support or nutritional information at your prenatal appointments, but Google is also a never ending hole of confusion… leaving you exhausted. 

As weeks go by, your symptoms aren’t getting better; they may actually be getting worse and multiplying. 

You’re frustrated that you’re wasting time feeling miserable when you know you should be cherishing these precious, exciting months. 

What you truly want is to wake up knowing how to manage your symptoms, choose foods that alleviate them, nourish your baby, and feel like the confident expectant mother you are!

You're in the right place if..

You’re pregnant and “morning sickness” is more like 24/7 sickness.  

Your exhaustion and fatigue have you feeling completely drained with no end in sight.

You feel like you’re constantly Googling for answers but continue to feel even more confused and overwhelmed.

You’re sick of hearing “hopefully the next trimester will be better” or “that’s pregnancy for ya.”

You planned on eating well and treating your body well but instead you can only tolerate a few select foods.

You're devastated that you aren't enjoying pregnancy the way you've imagined.

The truth is.. it doesn't have to be this way.

You CAN reduce your pesky symptoms. You CAN take control over your food choices. You CAN have the pregnancy you hoped for.  

And I’m going to show you how. 

I have worked with numerous pregnant women who felt like they were doing everything right yet still failing to combat their symptoms. 

They had their fingers crossed and hoped the recent wave of nausea was their last or tomorrow the dreaded afternoon slump wouldn’t hit them. 

But they were doing everything backwards. They were constantly 2 steps behind their symptoms instead of beating it to the punch. 

The key to taking control of your symptoms is to be proactive. Set yourself up with a simple plan that includes preventative measures instead of reactive ones.

Imagine how would it feel to..

Imagine how it would feel to..

Wake up without dreading your first move out of bed OR having to sprint to the bathroom. 

Feel hungry for breakfast and know exactly how to prepare and meal to keep nausea at bay

Stay energized through the afternoon without needing extra caffeine. 

Have research-backed answers to all your pregnancy questions so you never get lost down a Google worm hole again. 

Look forward to each week of pregnancy and feel proud of what your body is doing. 

Confidently navigate pregnancy nutrition and know you’re giving baby exactly what they need to thrive. 

Finally enjoy your pregnancy.

Are you ready? Here's how!
(*read carefully)

I’m in the process of creating a brand new program for pregnant women that will help you take control of your symptoms and navigate pregnancy and postpartum nutrition

This program covers the exact steps I take with my clients to ensure not only are they feeling good and enjoying pregnancy, but that they gain the confidence to nourish their growing little one. 

Here’s where you come in!

As I develop this program, I’m looking for women who are willing to go through as “beta testers” at a fraction of the price of the full program. 

All I ask is that as a founding member, you’re willing to provide feedback to me as you go through the program and to share a review at the end. Sound good? 

If so, then without further ado ⇓⇓


The Expecting Method - Beta Program

The Expecting Method will help you:

  • Reduce and eliminate your pregnancy side effects 
  • Become an expert in listening to your body’s needs
  • Master the key to symptom control: your blood sugar
  • Learn how to be in control of your food choices
  • Discover the specific foods needed for baby’s optimal growth
  • Learn how to incorporate those foods into your routine now and through postpartum 
  • Become an EMPOWERED mama-to-be

Here's what's inside waiting for you

Your Symptom Free Daily Routine

Learn the step by step actions for daily symptom control.

The Golden Key of Blood Sugar Balance

AKA: The chef's kiss to reducing your symptoms today.

hydration & essential supplements

Discover your specific fluid needs + prenatal/additional supplements.

Protein: Your baby's building blocks

Meet your protein goals despite the common meat aversions.

Carbs & Fiber: Your energy's Essentials

Find the balance between boosting energy while reducing risk of complications.

Fat: Breaking Myths & emphasizing the benefits

How to incorporate fats that are going to promote baby's healthy development.

Micronutrients: Why they're mighty in pregnancy

Let's dive into essential vitamins and minerals to correct potential deficiencies.

your guide to navigating postpartum

Believe it or not, your nutrient needs increase PP. Let's make sure you're prepared.

+ Support and Guidance from a Pregnancy Specialist Registered Dietitian

Hi, I’m Kaslyn. 

I started working with pregnant women in 2018 while getting my master’s in nutrition. Although I wasn’t working specifically with symptom reduction, I quickly learned that there was a massive lack of resources available to women struggling the most. (You make be feeling this way right now!) I spoke with women who were suffering through nausea, fatigue, food aversions, heartburn, constipation… you name it, they were dealing with it. 

Yet, they were only told “that’s pregnancy for ya,” “hopefully it’ll get better for you in the next trimester” OR they were given an over-the-counter med that barely made a difference. 

They felt frustrated, lost, and hopeless.

And I felt compelled to help.

Although symptoms in pregnancy are completely normal (I mean, you’re growing an entire new human all by yourself!), I was determined to find solutions so these women and future pregnant women weren’t doomed to suffer. 

By honing in on nutrition foundations, I realized these women were missing a crucial piece of the puzzle: understanding the underlying causes of their symptoms. It’s not just about being pregnant; there are deeper reasons at play with the biggest one being: Blood Sugar Control. 

Learning to balance your blood sugar levels is the fastest way to reduce and eliminate pregnancy symptoms. 

When we learn to navigate our symptoms through the nutritional lens, we can put together a plan that keeps helps ease them. A plan that let’s us get back to the enjoyment of pregnancy. 

Once you have a plan, you can then turn your focus away from debilitating nausea or the dread of what’s to come and instead toward nourishing your growing little one. Because that is truly our end goal: a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby.


I am here to help you reduce your pregnancy symptoms and build a plan that nourishes you and baby. 

When you enroll in The Expecting Method - Beta Program you'll receive...

  • 12 Video Modules where you’ll learn the exact steps to reduce and control your symptoms, how to incorporate foods for baby’s optimal growth, and how to prepare for postpartum. ($2,000+ value)
  • 6 Live Group Q&A sessions with your Pregnancy Specialist Registered Dietitian. ($1500+ value)
  • Email Check-ins for personalized recommendations (300+ Value) 
  • Bonus Guides!
    • What to Look For in Your Ideal Prenatal Vitamin 
    • How to Build a Perfect Pregnancy Plate 
    • Your Complete Pregnancy Grocery List 
    • & more!!! ($400+ value)
  • Access to ALL this at the BETA PRICE (After the Beta round, the price will go up $1000+)