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My name is Kaslyn. I am a nutritionist (RD) aiming to help give future parents the tools they need to nourish themselves for a healthy pregnancy. I am fascinated by the fact that everyone’s health journey starts before they even enter the world. This means that it is up to the moms and dads out there to get their baby started on the right track!

That’s where I come in. The most important time in a woman’s life to eat well is in the lead up to and during pregnancy; however it is also the hardest time. The time of preconception (yes, before baby is even conceived!) through toddlerhood is known as the First 1000 Days. This is a critical window of opportunity where a healthy environment, diet, and lifestyle can positively influence baby’s lifelong health.  Moms have the ability to reduce the risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, allergies and heart disease for their little ones just by immersing them in a healthy environment. 

There are so many nutrients derived from real, whole, quality foods your body needs day in and day out during pregnancy.  Most women are given a list of foods to avoid and then they turn to google for the rest. This can be overwhelming, confusing, and down right frustrating. How can you even determine what is factual and reliable information? In doing my own research, I’ve found there are a lot of misconceptions and out dated information still floating around. 

My hope is to relieve women of this worry and educate them on the current scientific based recommendations that truly reflect what your growing baby needs.

I help women enjoy their pregnancy, reduce side effects, prevent complications, and support them while they grow an entire human (!!) It’s my passion to give women the confidence that their nutrition and lifestyle are meeting baby’s needs. 

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my credentials

Master's Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics

University of Kansas Medical Center

Certified Dietetics & Integrative Medicine Practitioner

University of Kansas Medical Center

Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition Science and Dietetics and Nutrition

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Certified Prenatal Dietitian

Melanie McGrice; Nutrition Plus Enterprises Pty Ltd

Certified Dietetics & Integrative Medicine Practitioner

University of Kansas Medical Center

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